We collaborate in building a better world through intelligent data analysis

When organizations transform DATA INTO RELIABLE INFORMATION, they become MORE INTELLIGENT and MORE COMPETITIVE. This transformation is our goal. To this end, we implant BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, with INNOVATING techniques of ADVANCED ANALYTICS, BIG DATA and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.

Our implementation costs and times are lower because of our consultants team specialized in technology and business, in the area of Data & AI, with over 100 professionals working for more than 150 clients all across America, and because our projects are built on a 30-year trajectory, and expertise in Analytics and predefined business models (Analytical Accelerators). We want to be worldwide recognised for our business solutions and our clients’ cases of study.

Business Intelligence

“The effective use of corporate internal and external data is an extremely powerful tool to make wise decisions.”

A centralized corporate DataWarehouse provides companies with a “single version of truth,” and a panorama of what is going on at any moment in real time.


Data Management

Business and IT areas must be harnessed to ensure standardisation, accuracy, and reliability, as well as semantic and accounting consistency of the master data shared among all applications of an organization.

MDV has a single repository, (either physical or virtual) with a consistent 360º vision of master data, which applications resort to for reliable information.

Our services include, among others:

  • Data Governance effective Platforms
  • Data Architecture Support
  • Data Reliability Improvement Projects
  • Metadata Management

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Financial Planning

Businesses have to face a continuously changing environment, where good, flexible, and reliable planning is of essence.

Our solutions offer:

  • Consolidated budget information
  • Updated quotes, shorter cycles
  • Quoting time reduction but more analysis time
  • Wide analysis scope by means of analytical reports (non-conformities, triggers, alerts, scoreboard with budget information vs. actual information)
  • “What-if” scenarios with the key variables of the business

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Strategy Implementation Support

Strategic planning is crucial to anticipate and respond to environmental changes: market, competition, technology, culture. Even if companies are well aware of this and devote time and efforts to elaborate an adequate strategy, just a few are able to successfully implement it.

“Less than 10% of organizations have been able to implement the strategy they had planned” - Fortune Magazine

To this end, an appropriate Balanced Scorecard is pivotal to execute a strategy, giving the company an overall direction, and promoting their aims’ achievement. Balanced Scorecards are structured according to a business strategic aims, indicators, goals, and initiatives: Finance, Clients, Internal Processes (operational), Training and Growing, among others.

Strategic planning is of essence for companies, since its aims, objectives and mechanisms are aligned with a company’s goals: economic, human, and technological growth. We have our own methodology to assist our clients design and implement business and IT strategies, and lead them into the most global processes of Digital Transformation.

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  • Carabineros Chile

Predictive Modelling

Business Intelligence refers to an organization’s background, whereas Predictive Modelling refers to its future, promotes proactive strategies, anticipates events, trends, and markets.

Our data scientific team has solutions to predict, describe, and streamline models by resorting to a wide range of statistic modelling techniques, automated learning, and data mining.

As a result, client leakage is reduced, product cross sales are increased, customer loyalty is reinforced, fraud is detected, and risk management is implemented.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

GRC Models promote mature Governance practice to ensure that every corporate level executes their own controls, following an integrated Corporate Risk Management practice, and guarantee a company will be able to identify and manage the situations which may put their objectives at risk. Companies save time and efforts since Compliance is no longer a function but a result of these processes.

A robust corporate operational risk management performance (Enterprise Risk Management - ERM) aligned with the best practices is required to support GRC. As a result, the decision-making process becomes consistent, objective, and transparent. Right decisions have a strong impact on business performance and results improvement.

We provide our clients with the following services to ensure a successful GRC implementation:

  • Analytical solutions, which are suitable for any organization, in any sector of activity, and that support ERM practices based on best practices, such as COSO II.
  • Analytical solutions to support controls’ design, monitoring, and management practices.
  • Artificial Intelligence solutions to automate the Compliance function.

Investigation and Fraud

Companies develop a competitive advantage when they become proactive against fraud.

According to ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) fraud losses annually amount to 5% and 8% of a company’s revenue. To make matters worse, on average, fraud is detected eighteen months after the offense was committed, and more than 75% of the crimes are committed by people who work for the organization.

Our research and fraud solutions provide rich visual analysis capabilities, which quickly turn complex sets of unrelated information into high-quality intelligence. Then, analysts and professionals involved are able to identify, predict, prevent, and interrupt criminal, terrorist and fraudulent activities.

These solutions have a flexible data model teamed with a wide range of visual analysis tools which collect both structured and unstructured information, to unveil key people, connections, relationships, events, patterns, and trends. Their individual analytical methods rapidly identify data patterns, which would otherwise be unnoticed, by analyzing social networks, raw material flows, telephone, and financial records, among others.

Strong defence lines are created when these tools are harnessed with our Cyber ​​and I.T. Crime prevention and detection services.

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Big Data

Nowadays, companies have to face the critical challenges posed by continuously increasing data in terms of information, variety, speed, and sources; data can be structured or not, in motion or stored, internal or external to organizations, social network, etc.

However, capitalizing on this data super abundance can become an asset when Big Data is implemented, for it turns data into valuable knowledge to transform a business, and to solve the most common difficulties linked to information management: capture, storage, search, sharing, analysis, and visualization.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

According to Gartner, the era of intelligent machines will be the most disruptive in IT history.

Today computers learn, think, interact with other computers, and human beings. Analytical technology has evolved from being Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive, to be the new Cognitive or AI era.

Our AI solutions perform document analysis using natural language processing, select candidates for a job based on an automatically generated profile, recognize objects in images, process call centre audios, among others.

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Analytical Accelerators

Quanam has developed our own methodology for project implementation based on our technological partners’ expertise and our own, after having worked on Business Analytics Solutions for large companies worldwide, for more than 30 years.

We have developed Business Solutions sorting by Vertical Analytical Accelerators, which make implementations quick and phased, minimizing the risks of this type of projects, covering among other sectors:

  • Quanam Financial Analytics (Banks, Insurance Companies, Credit Cards, Savings and Loan Cooperatives).
  • Quanam Retail Analytics (Supermarkets and mass-selling companies).
  • Quanam Telecommunication Analytics (Landline, mobile, data).
  • Quanam Health Analytics (Common Social Care Health Systems, Laboratories, Ministries of Health).
  • Quanam Mining Analytics (Mining).
  • Quanam Tax Analytics (Tax and Collection Offices).

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