Data & Analytics

Our purpose is to help organizations become smarter by transforming data into reliable information. To this end, we help implant business solutions, with innovative techniques of Advanced Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Application Implementation

Our aim is to execute or start the applications which will help our customers to meet their corporate business goals. After identifying processes, technology and strategy, the application is adapted to our customers’ needs, and we select the solution which will add more value to your business.

IT & Management Consulting

Standing on an unrivalled position, deeply rooted in our robust methodologies aimed at business endeavour, highly trained professionals, and unlimited ability to incorporate technology, we help our customers, and even predict their needs.

Electronic Payment Service

The EPS (Electronic Payment Service) developed by Quanam is currently the largest tax and invoice payment collector online. SPE is a 100% technically and operationally reliable system which has already raised billions of dollars.

Data Centre Management

Quanam’s widely experienced professionals, who are fully acquainted with a range of infrastructure platforms, provide Data Centre Management services, ITIL best management practices and delivery.

Infrastructure and security management

We define, implement and support the infrastructure used by the main electronic payment systems of Uruguay, and whose users include more than 200 companies, government organizations, phone companies, and Uruguay’s main banks.

Tailor-made Solutions

Implementing business processes is proving to be the most efficient way to capitalize a corporate’s existing knowledge to gain competitive advantages and differentiate a product from a service.


Our permanence in the market for more than 40 years, make us a reliable technology partner in various market sectors, bringing knowledge and innovation to our different clients around the world. We always put into practice the knowledge we have acquired helping organizations become smarter.