Since the beginning, we are a company with a socially responsible vision and a complete and ethical concept of the business, both for what is expected form the company, as well as form our consultants and collaborators. We seek to make a positive impact in the society in which we are immersed through our actions, asserting the values and principles that govern us as a company.

The actions we carry out are framed within our strategy and business vision and we are convinced that, rather than philanthropy, they should contribute to the development of societies and different communities in those points that we consider strategic in our field of action. In this sense, we develop internal and external practices by linking ourselves with civil society organizations with which we have been doing an interesting job.

But our actions would not be coherent if we only thought outside Quanam for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) without first carrying out responsible actions within the company.

Thus, we promote teamwork and advocate for work environments where respect reigns at all levels. We are committed with the quality of life and health of our consultants and collaborators, as well as with their constant training that allows full development as human beings inside and outside the organization. Such is the case that we emphasize health promotion, training plans, performance evaluation, onboarding of the teams of the different business units, among others.

Support to the community

We are aware that education is one of the most important and highly sensitive tools for the development of societies.

Under this statement, year after year we focus on the support (in different ways) for the inclusion of the most vulnerable to the national education system. Also, we focus on the contribution of the expertise of our consultants in educational projects of study centers from Montevideo.

Liceo Impulso   (secondary school)

For the third year in a row since its creation, Quanam has been collaborating with the institution, being part of the companies that finance and support the Foundation “Impulso”.

The Foundation emerges as an idea a group of friends had to develop a teaching institution for students from 7th to 9th grade that was free of charge, secular and with private management. Also, in order to contribute with the shortening of the learning gap, the institution needs to be located in a critical context area. The aim is to stimulate the growth of students by promoting personal achievement through a level education and training in values.

With the support of private companies, the school was built in seven months and it opened its doors in 2013. The quota is of 100 students per year and the enrolment is done by draw with the presence of a civil law notary.

It is an honor for us to be able to support the development of the “Liceo Impulso” and to, in that way, contribute with a better education for the teenagers in our country.

"Niños con alas" foundation 

We are committed with the “Niños con Alas” Foundation that supports more than 2,000 children in 5 schools in poor and high-risk neighborhoods in Montevideo, so that they can have the same opportunities as everyone. For some years, we have been supporting them so that children in neighborhoods of critical contexts can access a quality education that allows them to develop as thinking beings, regardless of the social class they belong to.

We know that without education there is no possible way to live in a more just society and we pursue this objective by contributing from its foundations.

Ánima – Technological high school

ÁNIMA is a new, innovative educational proposal of technological high school in administration and Information and communication technology (ICT), of private management and free of charge, which is developed in different learning spaces: the classroom and companies. Quanam is one of the companies that receives students from this school as a part of their training, based on the educational proposal of dual training.

Year after year, we receive students who, under the supervision of our consultants, participate in different projects according to their training.


DESEM Young Entrepreneurs (JA Uruguay) is a non-profit foundation that promotes the development of Uruguayan children and teenagers. Every year, more than 6,000 students are impressed by educational projects. Founded in 1991, it has pioneered the Uruguayan entrepreneurial ecosystem, focusing on preparing young people for the future.

Through educational projects, workshops and activities, it is present in public and private educational centers throughout Uruguay. We annually support and participate providing the expertise of the consultants accompanying the students in the assembly of their productive projects.

Techy for the day – Girls in ICT

Techy for the day, is an initiative of the Cuti (Spanish acronym for: Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology) that is part of the International Day of Girls in ICT, which is commemorated every April 25th and consists on receiving high school girl students in the offices so that they can see first-hand the possibilities and opportunities offered by the ICT sector.