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Quanam has been listed in Gartner’s latest Market Guide for Data and Analytics Service Providers. Quanam stands out as a distinguished company encompassing all aspects of Data & Analytics expertise. Quanam was highlighted in diverse industries, such as Utilities & Energy.


and gen AI

Leverage your business knowledge with machine learning, natural language processing and computer vision.

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Although no one-size-fits-all data governance framework exists, you might decide whether to start from scratch or take several steps ahead.

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Data Conversion
& Migration

If you are challenging a system migration, make the move lighter and less risky with a team of experts.

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An approach focused on data integration and interoperability will ensure that the correct information reaches the appropriate individuals precisely when needed.

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& Dashboarding

Learn the essentials of becoming a citizen analytics developer and find the best way to enable self-service analytics in your organization.

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Data Validation
& Auditing Services

Data is not enough. To truly leverage the organization’s data, it's crucial to ensure its accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

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Big Data
& Data Science

We can help you turn your data into actionable insights—and transform them into tangible business value.

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Financial Planning
& Budgeting

Quanam’s Turnkey Solution, DAPLAN, can be easily implemented in an existing business process.

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Consultancy in Business Processes

Quanam optimizes business processes by integrating technologies, managing organizational changes, and ensuring compliance with standards, with a focus on system design and architecture.

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Management Systems

Quanam excels in implementing management systems with a methodical approach and an experienced team, ensuring consistent adherence to best practices across projects.

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Customer Service
& Operations

Implementing Oracle CC&B and fleet management systems requires industry expertise and a skilled team familiar with specific industry requirements and challenges.

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Field Service

Optimizes field operations by streamlining scheduling, dispatching, and monitoring tasks. Enhances efficiency, resource allocation, and customer service through improved work order management and routing.

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Quanam + Motio offer an integrated suite of technological services. Read more >

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