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AI & gen AI

IA Pilot in a Box
for knowledge management

The project's scope was developing and deploying a co-pilot to facilitate organizational members in efficiently accessing proprietary information, thereby significantly augmenting employees' productivity in their routine activities.

The AI Pilot, used for extracting information from the organization's web pages and PDFs, significantly boosts efficiency and accuracy. It rapidly processes large data volumes, extracting key details, saving time, and reducing error risks. This tool also organizes information clearly, aiding in quick decision-making and overviewing complex reports without needing in-depth analysis.

The solution was developed with Azure technologies, such as OpenAI, App Service, Cognitive Search, and Form Recognizer.



AI Pilot in a Box for process automation

The solution enhances productivity by automating the processes for verifying and approving product imports. It streamlines the process by automating user data verification, thereby relieving staff previously solely tasked with this function.
Knowledge repository: The AI pilot uses PDFs, data loaded into the forms, contracts, invoices and pictures.

Technology: Apia BPM (execution of business process instances), Microsoft Power Automate (RPA for automated technical analysis), and Power Automate Flow and AI Builder (retrieve information from invoices and return it as an organized data structure).

AI Pilot in a Box
for text to text generation

The solution enhances and streamlines the development of electronic specifications by producing detailed tender documents, setting evaluation standards for bids, and providing guidance on delivery schedules. The algorithm used in this solution can be leveraged to generate any document.

The solution was developed using Azure OpenAI, Azure OpenAI Service, Azure Cognitive Search.


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