The banking and the insurance sectors and capital markets are experiencing a true digital revolution. For years, Quanam has accompanied several of these institutions around the world, supporting them in the incorporation of new technologies to their businesses. Today we work with several banks, insurers and financial companies in projects that include Big Data, artificial intelligence, anti-fraud systems, cybersecurity and a set of integrated management solutions that help our Financial Services customers face the vertiginous changes in their industries.

We have world class solutions that can be designed and implemented to fit individual needs, as well as generic solutions that we have built based on best practices and our intellectual property, which can be promptly customized to the needs of each organization.

Anti-fraud systems

Analyzing, visualizing and cutting fraud is one of the biggest challenges that banks, processors of electronic payments and insurers, among others, must face. Annually a significant loss of income is identified as a result of the actions of organized crime and fraudulent agents. This situation requires the implementation of efficient and effective mechanisms, capable of identifying, resolving and quickly checking cases that harm organizations. For this reason, many companies invest part of their resources in the improvement of processes and technology solutions of high technical quality for the prevention and fight against fraud.

Thanks to our vast project experience in implementation, integration and systems support in Latin America, we are the ideal technology partner for financial services institutions that want to detect and combat fraud with a short-term ROI.

For example, with the implementation of analytical decision tools an insurer came to obtain a proven ROI of 244% in a period of approximately 4 months. A scheme of fraud was detected in the first 6 weeks of use, the claim processes gained agility and speed in an additional 50% compared with the previous period and substantial savings, equivalent to the cost of 30 external consultants.

Quanam Fraud Mitigation solutions for real-time prevention and detection and anti-money laundering integrate, in a single technological tool, all the resources needed in the current complex fraud environment.

Analytics Accelerators

Through more than 30 years of experience implementing Business Analytics solutions for large companies in the financial sector worldwide, we have developed our own methodology for project implementation based on our own experience and that of our technology partners.

We have developed business solutions for different verticals, called Analytics Accelerators, which allow a quick and phased implementation, minimizing the risks of this type of projects. In particular, we have Quanam Financial Analytics that apply to banks, insurers, credit cards, savings and loan cooperatives, etc.

Electronic Payments

The EPS (Electronic Payments Service) system developed by Quanam is currently the largest tax collector and bill collector on the Internet. Since its inception, the SPE has collected billions of dollars, proving that it is a 100% reliable system, both technically and operationally.

The SPE integrates more than 500 services (state agencies and private companies) and various means of payment in the country (Banks, Credit and Debit Cards, Collections Networks, Telephone, Gateways, etc).

There are no maximum or minimum limits of the amounts to operate, this payment instrument is very useful for its users.

From the technological point of view , the system consists of a web application, adapters that interact with companies and means of payment, interfaces for the user to make payments and a mechanism to reconcile the information of payments made online.