Corruption is a bad thing that affects everyone. Governments, citizens and businesses suffer from its effects every day. Numerous laws throughout the world, such as the FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) of the United States of America, the UK Bribery Act of the United Kingdom and the Lei Anticorrupção or Lei da Empresa Limpa of Brazil, instituted the administrative and civil responsibility of legal persons by the practice of harmful acts committed in their interest or benefit, against the public administration. The approval of these Laws arouse great interest and attention on the issue of combating corruption and has motivated intense discussions in the global business sector, leading to gradually adopt anti-corruption measures that can be recognized as a mitigating factor in a possible accountability process.

All of these actions in our company constitute the Quanam Integrity Program, which includes guidelines aimed at building and/or perfecting policies and instruments aimed at the prevention, detection and remedies of harmful acts to our Clients, and especially to the public administration.

For its development, implementation and support, our Integrity Program is based on five pillars: the commitment and support of Senior Management; the appointment and operation of a Conformity and Integrity Committee; the continuous analysis of the profile and risks in our operations; the structuring of the rules; and the instruments and strategies of continuous monitoring.

Quanam’s Integrity Program consists of a set of internal mechanisms and procedures for integrity, audit and incentive to report irregularities with guarantees of protection and the effective application of our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and of our policies, standards, rules and guidelines. All of these, with the aim of preventing, detecting and remedying deviations, frauds, irregularities and illegal acts practiced in the market in general and, in particular against the public administration.

Quanam has always operated by vigorously applying the laws. The initiative for the creation and permanent updating of its Integrity Program constitutes an effort to compile and update initiatives and accordance programs (compliance) to integrate anti-corruption measures into the pre-existing frameworks, transmitting the categorical and clear message of our vocation for an ethical performance of our profession and activities with zero tolerance for behavioral deviations.

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