About Us

We are a conglomerate of companies which strive for innovation and knowledge management to offer the best services to our clients and protect the environment. Our key asset is the intelligent combination of our professionals’ talents: more than 500 specialists such as engineers, analysts, economists, administrators, accountants, statisticians and professionals in communication and change management. Harnessing our human professional team with tools, methodologies and proprietary systems, which are always applied, we have developed the best practices of business consulting, management and technology for leading companies of various segments.

It is inherent to our corporate culture to offer services provided by specialists who work teamed with our customers, offering support and assistance, at their offices or offshore.

We have long been in the market, constantly innovating since 1978. Our aim has always been our clients’ processes improvement and success, to which end we provide them with cutting-edge solutions and tools used to beat the challenges posed by an increasingly globalized economy.

Our professional services can be summarized as follows:

  • Permanent introduction of innovative elements and processes in order to increase our clients’ competitiveness.
  • Important regional presence.
  • Mastery of regional leading companies and organizations.
  • Proficient with world-class methodologies, best practices, techniques and products, as well as customers’ business and their sectors.
  • Our professionals’ permanent commitment to quality, and our clients’ success.
  • Generating value experiences for clients during our services’ deployment, by combining their knowledge with of our professionals’ technical expertise and knowledge of their relevant industry.
  • Promoting long-term relationships with our clients.


Equipping our clients to conquer and hold leadership positions in their business arena. We provide them with innovative solutions to acquire competitive advantages, naturally integrating state-of-the-art information technology with the best management and control practices.


Becoming one of the most respected leading companies in America, seeking to build our clients and market’s recognition out of the quality and innovation of our professional services, and from our commitment to our customers’ success.


Our foundations are firmly rooted on our professionals’ technical expertise and ethical values. Quanam believes that exceptionally resourceful professionals will stay only if they are able to unfold their full potential in their working environment. Our core values underline the company's commitment to customers, the community and the environment. We promote ethics, commitment, responsibility, loyalty, empathy and having the courage to act accordingly.