Our aim is to execute or start the applications which will help our customers to meet their corporate business goals.

After identifying processes, technology and strategy, the application is adapted to our customers’ needs, and we select the solution which will add more value to your business.

Our team consists in more than 40 specialists in various technological and business areas. Therefore, we are knowledgeable to implant applications of different sizes and technology.

Given our customers’ trust and our implantations’ reliability, we replicate innovative applications across the country.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

When we offer an ERP solution, our top goal is to shorten response time to solve problems rapidly, offer efficient information management to make timely decisions, and reduce an operation’s total cost by means of a comprehensible and reliable technological base.


Our customers have met these objectives, among others, as a result of ERP implementation:

  • Corporate processes’ streamlining
  • Access to reliable, accurate and timely information (data wholeness)
  • Information sharing and collaboration among all corporate areas, plus customer and supplier integration
  • Elimination of unnecessary data and (redundant) operations.
  • Processes’ time and cost reduction (reengineering)
  • Flexibility to face constant changes of a specific industry.
  • Visibility, business transparency improvement and financial management.
  • Control, financial discipline reinforcement, and their industry’s best practices.

We have been implementing ERP for more than 20 years, and resorting to several ERP technologies such as PeopleSoft, JDEdwards, ORACLE, and Odoo.


GRP (Government Resource Planning)

GRP (Government Resource Planning) is an administrative comprehensive management system, similar to ERPs, but aimed at the needs and requirements of the Public Sector.

It is a resource planning system which integrates information from different areas: finance, net worth, budget and supply.

The aim is to improve administrative processes and State management, to enhance the information flow among State agencies, and manage connections with external organizations.

This tool supports organizations’ management, while consolidating government information, and offering a comprehensive panorama which backs and facilitates decision making, in terms of the State as a whole.


With GRP an organization can:

  • Reinforce a State’s performance
  • Consolidate financial, net worth, budget and supply information, while standardizing processes to make them more efficient, and encouraging the state to adopt good practices.

Based on Odoo, we have created a GRP for Uruguay which may be easily developed and adapted to other countries’ situations. 


HCM (Human Capital Management)

Human Capital Management is the only corporate strategy aimed at unveiling a company’s employees’ value, so that they can develop their full potential inside your organization. HCM identifies who has the best performance to be rewarded accordingly. In the long run, a company is then, able to keep the most skilful individuals.

Consequently, an organization is more efficient, and its operational performance is improved. Competent personnel management is crucial to increase a company’s turnover and profit. This includes finding new ways to develop and make the best of the available talent.


With HCM your company will:

  • Reduce operational costs by streamlining HHRR’s systems, business processes and technologies.
  • Implement self-service applications for employees and managers.
  • Align personnel with corporate goals.
  • Have access to information in real time.


Streamlining HR’s systems

HCM is designed to streamline Human Resources management processes and reduce administrative procedures.

This tool can be centrally implanted and used in several countries, so that anyone can have access to it from anywhere, at any time. On a Gateway and according to specific profiles previously defined, people have immediate access to data, transactions, and tools.


Advantages for users



  • Answers to questions on HHRR’s issues. 
  • Online enrolment at benefit plans 
  • Major control and accuracy of their personal data. 
  • Immediate access to an employee’s reward history and payroll

Functional managers: 

  • Global personnel management from a single source 
  • Access to information on permanent full-time personnel in real time 
  • Efficient recruitment, selection and hiring processes 
  • Role based personnel induction 
  • Development and management of incentive-based remuneration programs

IT directors: 

  • Centralized implantation with global projection.
  • Elimination of work station’s maintenance.
  • Integration of HHRR’s Software with other crucial systems.
  • Focus is made on new developments, rather than on high maintenance control costs.

Financial directors: 

  • Dramatic reduction of indirect costs and paperwork.
  • Improved yield of training allocation resources.
  • Cost reduction as a result of technological acquisitions

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

A Customer Relationship Management System makes available all customers’ information and their interaction with a company in a single repository, where customers are the centre of a company’s marketing strategy, oriented to their satisfaction and loyalty. This tool offers the necessary platform and resources for simply and effectively managing customers, projects and commercial opportunities.


Advantages for companies

  • Sales improvement, by following up potential sales.
  • Productivity improvement, by reducing information gathering time.
  • Communication improvement (internal and external), by making available a customer’s current information.
  • Customer knowledge improvement, by understanding and anticipating to their needs.
  • Commercial transaction management, from a detailed scorecard.

Odoo Expertise

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