BPS Fraud

BPS Fraud (Social Security Bank) Challenge

Anticipate new fraud through the analysis of taxpayer behavior and patterns.

Detect and dismantle the criminal networks that are behind the big fraud cases already committed by taxpayers.

Take corrective actions.


The solution implements, on the one hand, the cases identified today and on the other, a model that allows the identification of new cases of fraud that are not known. It includes the following components: traditional BI module, investigation, detection and management of fraud cases, behavioral alerts and notifications, as well as network analysis.


  • New unknown and known fraud occurrences are detected. Which are followed up in order to have more control over them.
  • It presents the magnitude of fraud occurrences and taxpayers’ participation, on a monthly basis.
  • Corrective actions are taken.
  • It allows the measurement of the impact of acting on each of the frauds.