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CCU (Company of United Breweries) Challenge

System that allows an agile handling of the data for the decision-making process.


Systems and control panels were made for various areas of the company. It is a decision support system, with state-of-the-art technology that allows quick and agile visualization of company indicators.

Four multidimensional structures were developed for the areas of Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchases and Inventory.


  • It allows the analysis of the aging of accounts receivable. The balance analysis of the accounts by period, customer, collectors, business units and the aging periods of each account, grouped according to a predefined range.
  • It allows the tracking of the quantities handled in the purchase orders, whether they are sent or received, with their respective amounts.
  • Stock management was optimized by providing information on the quantities of inventory items handled in the company (by business units and storage areas); You can also have information in unit of measure.
  • You can visualize the margins in a way that allows analyzing several indicators such as: period, departments, plants, sales channels, accounts and product.
  • An exhaustive analysis of sales behavior (historical corporate sales, sales to subsidiaries, net sales, in HL, freight, credit and prices) was made possible.