CEPRE (The Executive Committee for the Reformation of State - CEPRE) Challenge

Carry out a control, analysis and monitoring of public spending, human resources of the state and state purchases, through a system that allows an agile handling of data for the decision-making process.


Quanam developed a Datawarehouse that summarizes the information of the different Executing Units, taking information from different operational systems.


  • Different modules (multidimensional cubes) were developed for the analysis of information.
  • Analysis of publications: it allows analyzing the purchases made by the different Executing Units.
  • Analysis of Settlements: the data in this module refer to the liquidations of salaries of the central administration.
  • Analysis of public expenditure: analysis of the State's expenditure for its different concepts.
  • Analysis of Human Resources: management data of public officials such as presenteeism, absenteeism, etc.