CEIBAL (Uruguayan initiative to implement the "One laptop per child") Challenge

Implementation of a Big Data platform that allows you to exploit the data that has been generated since the creation of the Institution, which, due to various circumstances, is not being fully exploited (under a traditional data exploitation platform).


Implementation of an analytical platform (for Massive Data) with scalable storage and computation capabilities, on which a data lake was implemented for Ceibal's use and by external researchers. This platform is based on Hortonworks.


  • It allows the understanding, evaluation and identification of educational practices that favor learning.
  • Monitoring of the progress of school performance, favoring the conclusion of the educational cycle.
  • It motivates new forms of school involvement and anticipates phenomena such as school dropout.
  • The technological tools and the applications offered by the Ceibal Center, adapt to the behavior, the preferences and needs of the users.
  • It provides relevant information for decision making by the technical, educational and management teams.