SIIAS (Integrated Information System of the Social Area) Challenge

Integrate data of people, households and beneficiaries of social benefits, which are consolidated through automatic connections to databases of participating organizations.


The solution involves the integration of the Cognos Suite, with the ESRI Suite of Geographic Systems, as well as the development of a JBOSS / GateIn Portal, and "customized" development, creating a great repository integrating data coming from the different organisms.

A solution was developed that allows transferring data from the organisms to SIIAS, as well as from SIIAS to the organisms.


  • Integrated information system that links data from the different agencies (social programs, execution and their respective beneficiaries).
  • It improves the definition of the target population and the implementation of social policies, through programs that have an integrated vision of social policy and its scope, increasing the effectiveness of its management.
  • Establishes the necessary standards for articulation and coordination between the different organisms with social policies.
  • Modernization of the computer processes of the different dependencies.
  • It facilitates the access of citizens to social information.