SISCA (The Case Selection System) Challenge

The need of a tool to facilitate the analysis of taxpayer behavior, allowing an optimal selection of cases, in order to detect evasion, fraud, shortage or erroneous tax submission and omissions.


The solution is an automated and complete selection process for taxpayers to be audited. It allows for the identification, analysis and selection of cases (based on the behavior of taxpayers) and monitoring of results. The solution obtains propensities regarding the possible realization of a fraud, which are used as part of the selection criteria.


  • Decrease in the time of selection of cases from days to minutes. The average time to generate a selection decreased from 5 days to 20 minutes.
  • Increase of the effectiveness in the detection of irregularities going from 60% to 90% in the large taxpayer sector.
  • Categorization of the taxpayers in a risk-ranking of committing fraud.
  • Increase in collection.