FIS-T Challenge

FIS-T needed to optimize the selection of companies to be inspected by guiding the inspections towards those with the highest level of fiscal risk (evasion, omission, shortage or erroneous tax submission, fraud, etc).

FIS-T needed a tool for the elaboration of different fiscal risk indicators, visualization of tax payer’s real behavior and guidance for appropriate decision making when selecting companies for inspection and control.


The solution fully automates the selection process of taxpayers to be audited. It allows the identification, analysis and selection of cases (based on taxpayers’ behavior) and the monitoring of results.


  • It strengthens collaborative environments and the coordination of actions within the organization.
  • - It uses a unique repository of selection criteria is used by the different areas that perform compliance controls.
  • - It improves the effectiveness and efficiency in the selections to be made, as well as in the quality of information to be used by all the parties that are part of the selection and execution of an audit.