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Belgium will win the World Cup in Qatar according to a predictive model

Héctor Cotelo uses a predictive model to analyze which team has the best chance of being victorious in the next World Cup in Qatar.

The Maracanazo in color 

72 years after the Maracanazo, for the first time, we see the images in color. We share with you the most impressive images, the most exciting videos, with real expressions, thanks to AI.

Is there a clear difference between the performance of Uruguayan players in their clubs and in the national team?

Much has been said about the moment that the Uruguayan team is going through, with a change of DT included, and although practically half of my life was spent with Maestro Tabarez as coach of…

Analytics in times of Metaverse, Telecommuting, Cryptocurrencies and NFTs

In the last year, both companies and people have had to be resilient to adapt to the new normal.

The STM in figures 

Have you ever wondered which bus comes the most often? Which one is fuller on average? Which makes more stops? In this blog we are going to answer all these questions and much more, showing how…

Banking as a service

More and more, businesses are transforming into true ecosystems based on digital platforms. Banking is not an exception to that. For a long time, banking as a service has been present in different conversations, but…

The digital experience as a competitive advantage

The means of payment are experiencing a substantial increase in the volumes of digital transactions, and, at the same time, a considerable increase in fraud.

Analytics in Banking Industry

The level of analytical maturity of many financial institutions is very low. They have to make quick advancements, because if they do not take the necessary actions the fintech startups or their main competitors will…

Quanam Records a 5-Star Rated First Review on Clutch

We exist in the age of technological progress. Digital improvements have entirely transformed our daily lives, and one of the most significant impacts felt has been in the business environment. Businesses now have access to…

Organizational resilience: what the Pandemic revealed

One of the things that this pandemic has made clear is that not all organizations, even those that might in principle be comparable, have the same ability to adapt to change. And, obviously, those that…


By mid-1998, I wrote an article, (a blog in today’s jargon), for Quanam’s Newsletter entitled: The end of distance.Its rationale was that the lower the costs of information processing and telecommunications, the shorter the distance…

Fraud detection and prevention, what is data science’s role?

What is meant by the word "fraud"? How do I detect fraud in my organization?