The Single Registry of Consultants (RUC in Spanish) was launched

This 11/14 the Single Registry of Consultants (RUC) was launched, a public access system that brings together people, consultants, companies and institutions, sharing relevant information to efficiently connect public policies and resources necessary to implement them. The project execution and software development has been carried out by Quanam in partnership with CPA Ferrere and is a part of the Productive Transformation and Competitiveness Information System in which we have been working since June 2018 hired by Transforma Uruguay. This project is extremely important as it allows the creation of a unique system for the registration of consultants/consulting companies, public and transparent, that includes the needs of the institutions that carry out business support programs. This initiative accompanies the consolidation of a system of promotion of MSMEs that coordinates public institutions with each other and these with private ones.

You can learn more by entering the following link

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