Do you know how the quality of your data is like?

Data is the starting point for making any strategic decision for your organization. Quanam evaluates the quality of your data and provides you with a report with the following indexes:

  • Infer data type
  • Analyze unique values
  • Detect null values
  • Analyze statistical values such as maximum and minimum values, medians, and ranges.
  • Determine most frequent values
  • Elaboration of Histograms
  • Textual analysis to identify patterns and categories


With these characteristics we evaluate some dimensions related to data quality such as Uniqueness, Completeness and Validity.

These evaluations allow us to know the quality status of the data and to find possible data quality problems according to the purpose for which the data are used.

100% free, 100% reliable tool, with more than 40 years in the market analyzing and taking care of data from Uruguay and LATAM.



You can choose to:  upload a .csv file from your sample dataset or just upload your data and we send you a test report, so you can observe the analysis procedure.

We remind you that it is supported by the law: 18331 on data protection.

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