Key Facts:
Revenue: $1.7 billion.
Customers: Over 1.5 million.
Employees: Over 6,000.  


Project Description: 

The project’s scope was the implementation of Oracle CC&B and Mobile Workforce Management System. The Data and  Analytics team was responsible for the design, development and implementation of the  analytical modules and operational reports. 12 Datamarts and 100 operational reports were  delivered during the project. The team also took the Data Cleansing and the Data Conversion of  the legacy system forward. 

 +20 data cleansing conversion cycles - involved handling data related to 1.35M customers, installed meters, and a complete year's billing 

3 trials to guarantee accuracy and reliability of the migrated data 

 Field Service (Oracle MWM). 

  • Execution of 4,000 daily field activities 
  • Use of 300 brigades for field activities 
  • 1,500 system users 
  • 24/7 Call Center with 50 workstations  
  • 60 commercial offices and 60 service centers throughout the country 

Scope of the implementation: scheduling and dispatch, route optimization, work order management and inventory management.