The ready-to-use data-driven
financial solution!

The proven solution that supports the financial planning and budgeting process.

  The most efficient Budgeting

  • Make budgets as detailed as you want
  • And at all levels of the organization

  Forecast and What If

  • Make advanced projections based on artificial intelligence models
  • With generation of What If? scenarios with multiple variables

  Flexible & modular: choose how to improve management

  • Immediate implementation
  • Easily integrates with any ERP
  • Offers integrated and optional incremental modules according to your needs

  A world class tool for all kinds of customers

  • It is the result of a lot of experience, creating customized solutions
  • It is now available for you to lead a change in financial culture
  • Saves up to 60% on development costs

  Accompanying implementation

  • We provide expert support
  • The solution adapts to the customer’s needs and infrastructure

  Accelerates processes to make decisions on time!

  • Monitors the main commercial indicators through KPIs and Balance Scorecarding
  • Projects diverse, real and probable scenarios
  • Generates quality information and reports based on strategic objectives

  Guaranteed implementation

  • We strive for our clients to achieve the best performance of their financial management
  • Making everything work is the commitment of our team

  Chosen by all kinds of customers

  • Chosen for its adaptability
  • For large, medium, small… local and global customers
  • The solution for those looking to bring your performance to a higher level of quality

  Hybrid solution

  • Available in both On Premise and Cloud options
  • It connects with the financial ecosystem and standardizes information

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