Key Facts:
Revenue: $4.1 million.
Customers: Over 1 million.
Employees: Over 2,000 on staff.  


Project Description:
In partnership with Red Clay, Quanam's business partner, they embarked on an ambitious project to implement Oracle Utilities C2M (Customer to Meter). 

The challenge was to successfully implement Oracle Utilities C2M, allowing Celsia Colombia to improve its operations and offer even more efficient and accurate service to its customers. 

Quanam, in collaboration with Red Clay, provided high-quality professional services for the implementation of Oracle Utilities C2M. This included configuring the platform to meet the specific needs of Celsia Colombia and ensuring a seamless transition. 


Key Results:

  • Revenue Growth: Celsia Colombia maintained solid revenue of $4.1 million while improving its operations. 
  • -Expansion of Customer Base: With over 1 million customers, Celsia Colombia maintained its leading position in the market. 
  • Highly Qualified Team: With over 2,000 employees on staff, Celsia Colombia was able to provide quality service and maintain a skilled workforce.