Quanam se suma al Proyecto Jacarandá


The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, the Uruguayan Chamber of Information Technology (Cuti) and ANTEL, have presented Jacarandá Project, a program that provides technological companies the possibility to have access to resources and services, with the objective of promoting development and skilled employment in the provinces.

Carolina Cosse, Minister of Industry, explained that the investment and technological advances promoted by ANTEL have made video conference rooms and the agency’s training rooms obsolete, for they they are now used for a different purpose: new Co-work places, where Cuti's partner companies are able to hire young students to work from there. ANTEL offers these places throughout the country.  Digital infrastructure and services are integrated, in addition to connectivity to the national fibre optic network.

In April, Quanam was the first company to join this initiative, by opening, a development centre to reinforcing national and regional Business Analytics projects, in Bella Unión.

The new team consists in four young from the provinces of Artigas and Salto, led by Engineer Gigliola Yemini, who has been working for Quanam for 19 years. Moreover, Ms. Yemini was born in this city and currently lives there. 

For Quanam this implies continuous growth and qualified human capital. In turn, it provides countless benefits for a region of the country where job opportunities in this industry are scarce.

*Source: Presidencia 

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