Open Technologies & Open Source

Technology based on open code has greatly evolved over the last years. Therefore, companies are able to base their technological architecture on OpenSource components, dramatically reducing software licencing costs. 

Quanam offers a complete solution on open code, backed by successful projects nationally, regionally, and internationally implemented at several public and private organizations.

Strategic advantages of the solution

  • Evolution capability:

Fully modular, completely functional scope: CRM, HHRR, Finance, Supply, Maintenace, Services and Projects, Contents, Collaboration and Communications, Business Intelligence, BPM, etc.

  • Independence:

Full Opensource stack option (Operational System, Database, Programming Language)
Open Technology expandable to local available resources

  • Reduced ownership costs:

Neither initial costs nor growth licensing costs
Open technology, open code
Potential capability of self-maintenance tailored to specific needs
Lower risks, minor investment

  • Flexibility:

It can be adapted to high productivity specific needs, minimum impact update

  • Friendly and modern user interface:

Easily learnt, minor resistance to change