Electronic Payments

Nowadays, SEP system (Service of Electronic Payments) developed by Quanam is the biggest system to levy taxes and collect the payment of invoices in the Internet. Since it was first launched, SEP has collected thousands of million dollars, demonstrating that it is a 100% reliable system, both technically and operationally.

SEP integrates more than 200 services (state agencies and private companies) and several means of payment of the country (Banks, Credit and Debit cards, Collection Networks, Telephone, Gateways, etc).

This instrument is extremely convenient for users since there are neither minimum nor maximum amounts to operate.

From the technological point of view, the system  consists in a Web application, adapters that interact with the companies and means of payment, interphases so that the user can make the payments and a mechanism to conciliate the information of the made payments online. 

Among its main characteristics we can emphasize:

  • User friendly Interfaces.
  • Alta disponibilidad.
  • Confidentiality of information:the information of banking accounts is not managed by the system, but by the corresponding tax collecting agent.
  • Audit:information about each transaction is registered .
  • Seguridad: en los métodos de comunicación, en la lógica de la aplicación y en el resguardo de la información.
  • Procedures and use of standards with each one of the participants of the businessescommunity.
  • Flexibilidad: permite la interconexión con una gran diversidad de plataformas tecnológicas y sistemas de seguridad.
  • Encouragement of business best practices.