Companies need to concentrate time and efforts of their key personnel on core issues dealing with business management. Therefore, numerous leading companies have decided to delegate on third parties their IT resources, investment management and administration. Particularly,  in such cases where owing to the complexity of these assets, or their need to be updated, this activity takes up most of their executive staff’s time.

Quanam counts on professionals who are able to meet any challenges in terms of outsourcing. Along these lines, Quanam is responsible for all the IT resources of several big companies. Additionally, our services are based on flexible criteria that include not only fully assuming the responsibility of the IT centre, but having a variable number of our consultants working with the customer’s staff as well, in order to support a particularly challenging technological situation.


  • Enhancing the reduction of service costs
  • Adopting the best practices of the market by incorporating specialists in the products and IT services involved
  • Increasing efficiency and optimizing IT processes execution times
  • Reach the lowest Total Cost Ownership (TCO)
  • Improving alignment of IT and corporate goals
  • Increasing IT contribution to the results of the business
  • Improving standardisation of IT processes
  • Major flexibility to adapt the size and the cost of IT services as needs evolve
  • Making the incorporation of new technology easier

Software Factory

It is important to bear in mind that a software component can be developed in a place other than its application venue. The place where the development of a product is carried out may be chosen according to variables such as quality, costs, resources availability and know-how.

Software Development

Quanam has been tailoring system developments and implementations in an extremely wide range of tools and technology. Quanam’s capability to interpret the needs of customers of various cultures account for our ability to share the quality of our services under extremely competitive conditions.