Quanam is a federation of firms that aims at innovation and knowledge. Composed by companies specializing in consulting and management professional services, communication and change management, our most valuable asset is the intelligent combination of 400 specialists, including engineers, analysts, economists, managers, accountants, statisticians and  professionals in communication and change management. This team, equipped with the tools, the methodologies and the systems that are applied in all Quanam’s operations, has developed the best consulting practices and professional services for leading companies in their respective industries. 

It is inherent to Quanam’s corporate culture to offer advice, support and services through specialists who work in teams, providing support and back their customers’ their companies, at their premises or off-shore.
Ever since 1978, Quanam has built expertise on market experience, constant innovation, and teamed with their partners and cooperators, with a view to their customers’ success and process improvement. Quanam resort to state-of-the-art solutions and tools that cater for the challenges posed by an increasingly globalized economy.

Quanam’s professional services may be summarized as follows:

  • Leading regional company anywhere in Latin America
  • Deep knowledge of companies and leading organizations in its region
  • Deep knowledge of world class methodologies, best practices, techniques and products
  • Permanent commitment of their professionals to quality and their customers’ success
  • Constant introduction of innovating elements and processes so as to increase their customers’ competitiveness


To be one of the most respected companies in Latin America, regional leader, seeking the recognition of their customers and the market in terms of the quality of their professional services and their commitment with their customers' success.


Providing their customers with competitive edges so that they conquer and keep leading positions in their industries, by offering them the best technology in management systems.

Basic Values

Quanam is rooted in their professionals’ technical capability and human values. Therefore, these values are intrinsically connected with human resources. Quanam wants to rely on an exceptionally proficient staff, Quanam believes that they need to be provided with a working environment where they can fulfil themselves as individuals, as well. Quanam’s basic values also highlight the company’s commitment with their costumers, the community and the environment.