Quanam celebra otro gran logro en su trayectoria en Brasil

Quanam es reconocida por sus numerosos casos de éxito en diversos proyectos desarrollados junto con Oracle, actualmente ganó una licitación para la realización de un proyecto de gran magnitud; la implementación y mantenimiento de prácticas JDE & Hyperion en la Secretaría de Hacienda del Estado de Paraná (SEFA-PR).

Quanam´s contribution to innovation improves client´s competitiveness and efficiency

The services offered by this unit are explained on our digital brochure. A showcase of projects which summarize Quanam’s trajectory, our focus on innovation and improvement on competitiveness and efficiency, where Quanam has played a decisive role. 

Continuous improvement at Quanam

Quanam believes that integrating users and specialists’ expertise will keep solutions and processes improving. This is why we created a free YouTube channel by mid 2015, in order to share technical information such as  conferences, events, and training on specific solutions. 

Quanam´s experience in Odoo solutions

Quanam provides a fully comprehensive solution of management systems implemented on Odoo. In other words, a complete suite of applications, seamlessly integrated which cater for all the needs of business.

Cognition: A new age of understanding

Always based on the best business practices and with a view to the future, Quanam, IBM Premier Business Partner, has been preparing our intellectual capital to provide our customers with technological solutions based on artificial intelligence and automated learning, supported by a structured ecosystem built as a result of interacting with a wide range of businesses of several sectors of the economy such as health, finance, entertaining, manufacturing, retail, among others.

IBM SPSS Meeting

“Spending some time with SPSS” was an exclusive breakfast meeting organized by Quanam, on november 23rd. There were more than 20 guests – technitians, analysts, teachers, users – representing public and private Uruguayan organizations.

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