Customer Relationship Management

CRM CRM(CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT) allows companies to identify, attract and retain customers in addition to increasing customer satisfaction and optimizing their profitability.

CRM has three specific functions: Operational, Analytical and Collaborative. Each of these closely related functions account for a consistent customer relationship process which:

  • Captures customers' data across the company
  • Consolidates internally and externally captured data in a central data bank
  • Analyses consolidated data
  • Distributes these analysis’ results to all the probable points of contact with customers
  • Uses this information for any future interaction with customers at any point of contact in the company


  • Having fluent communications with customers
  • Understanding customers’ needs better and offering products accordingly
  • Maximizing the results of commercial initiatives
  • Keeping the company connected by centralizing customer information
  • Interacting with customers consistently at all times

- Benefits from the corporate point of view:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Allowing additional sales and cross sales
  • Unifying customers’ responses
  • Facilitating marketing strategies for specific segments
  • Attracting new customers
  • Quickly responding to service issues
  • Solving problems with customers
  • Planning and allocating service resources

- Organizational benefits:

  • Measuring the success of your business processes
  • Reducing personnel costs due to automation
  • Keeping knowledge in the organization, regardless employee turnover
  • Lowering new staff training costs
  • Increasing market share
  • Minimizing marketing operational costs.


CRM tools are the backbone of a customer relationship strategy.

CRM systems manage, filter and analyse information, to elaborate useful reports for the company. 

Quanam offers solutions that contain everything your company requires to apply the business policies and strategies used by market leaders. Designed to suit the widest range of companies in all industries, Oracle CRM solutions meet your timing, budget and expectations. 


Quanam has resorted to market leading products for our CRM implementations, in order to provide customers with the most complete array of solution batteries that meet the needs of every company. Aiming at equipping our customers with a competitive edge, Quanam has developed a specific implementation methodology based on our experience in diverse industries such as telecommunications, government, and financial, among others.

We have advised leading companies in the region on their most important processes, by striking stronger bonds with our customers, developing both loyalty and their profitability. The solutions offered by Quanam have been improved by our expertise gathered in implementations made for different types of industries, and by our specialized analytical accelerators according customers’ line of business. These solutions have been implemented by consultants who know the typical processes of your organization, using world-class standards for each industry, achieving a product that is exactly right for your organization.