Enterprise Resource Planning

Quanam´s fundamental aim when providing ERP solutions is to have fast response times to your problems, as well as efficient and timely information management in order to make savvy decisions and decrease total operating costs, based on an integrated and reliable technological base.

Some of the main objectives achieved by Quanam´s customers who implement Oracle ERP systems are:

  • Optimization of corporate processes
  • Access to all the information in reliable, accurate and timely manner (data as a whole)
  • The possibility of sharing information and collaborating among all the components of their organization by integrating customers and providers.
  • Elimination of obsolete and redundant data and operations.
  • Reduction of processes’ time and cost by means of reengineering processes.
  • Flexibility facing constant changes derived from their industry.
  • Visibility by improving business transparency and financial management.
  • Control by reinforcing financial discipline and adopting the best practices of their industry.