Education - Academic Management

The educational sector has been through major changes in the last few years. At present,  the use of a management tool to integrate academic and administrative processes, and to promote greater interaction between the different actors has become crucial. Educational institutions that wish to grow and accompany the needs of an increasingly demanding and competitive market have already incorporated this kind of tools.

Owing to its ample experience in implementation projects, as well as systems integration and support throughout Latin America, Quanam is the ideal technological partner for educational institutions. In addition, we apply our methodologies that simplify consultants' and customers' efforts, by reducing the risks while improving the quality of processes. We resort to friendly interfaces that are easy to use, templates, checklists and other elements acquired in our accumulated intellectual capital.

Completely aligned and adapted to the needs that follow the trends of this segment, the Academic management solutions offered by Quanam promotes operational agility, alignment processes, greater flexibility and rapid information flow. All this, with the endorsement of the best global practices that guarantees solid information integration and reliability, in compliance with international standards. As a result, both material and financial costs are reduced and optimized.

In conclusion, these solutions integrate, in a single technological tool, all the actors involved  (directors, administrators, professors, students, civil employees) and assure the total control of the information generated in this universe. At the same time, they improve competitiveness, considering the exponential growth in the number of educational institutions which has recently taken place.