ICT Diagnosis and strategic Planning

Competitiveness and innovation based on ICT

Quanam is specialized in IT Consulting Services and Strategic Advice.

We are equipped with competences and skills acquired over our trajectory in the application of Information Technology. Consequently, we are well equipped to provide our customers with integral and comprehensive advice. Our experience derives from having forged relations with numerous organizations of all sorts and sizes in Latin America and Europe, and handling diverse software tools and equipment architectures. Mainly and above all, it has been our vision to improve corporate management by offering a global and integrated use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). This concept can be summarized as “using ICT services aligned with a business needs, priorities and possibilities in efficient and effective manner”.Since an important part of corporate innovation leans on the possibilities offered by ICT, our service is focused on “how to improve competitiveness and innovation capabilities by means of ICT”..   

Our main services are: “Diagnosis Studies”, “Definition of ICT Strategy", “Identification of new ideas based on ICT for products, processes and business models”, “Elaboration of IT plans (a master plan)”, “Implantation support and followup" “Selection of packages or solutions” and “Integration of solutions”. 

Quanam has defined a specific methodology to offer this kind of advice.   The methodology includes the analysis of four major areas: 

a) Competitive environment (e.g. customers' needs, trends, and uncertainties)

b) Applications 

c) Technological infrastructure (hardware, base software, communications, security)

d) Organization and management of the IT area..

Quanam believes these are the basic pillars which need "alignment" in order to use IT efficiently and effectively with a view to the generation of innovative products and solutions to boost competitiveness.