Software Development

Quanam has been tailoring system developments and implementations in an extremely wide range of tools and technology. Quanam has adopted development methodologies that minimize the risks of projects that involve very specific requirements for the systems’ integration, SOA architecture and IT security, by applying the best practices in the industry. 

Quanam’s capability to interpret the needs of customers of various cultures account for our ability to share the quality of our services under extremely competitive conditions. 

We provide our customers with the best solution to meet their needs because we are technologically independent in terms of hardware platforms, operating systems and databases.   

Quanam provides on-site (at the customer’s) and offshore services (from our Software Factory), or as  adequately combined. Customers’ participation in projects is highly recognized and pursued. Technological transfer is made by integrating Functional Referees and Technicians, so that customers become autonomous/independent to perform maintenance later. 

Our methodologies ensure compliance with practices maturity Level 3 of CMMi of SEI, while adopting agile methodologies at the same time, so as to have early results and provide our customers with  highly flexible solutions.

Main areas of expertise:

Web applications, webservices and security:

Quanam has extensive experience in web applications’ development, and specialized in .Net and JEE technologies.Net y JEEQuanam has used webservices in several projects according to the specifications of open standards (mainly W S-I Organization) as well as specific and security standards for Web services. 


Quanam is proficient in the implementation of portals and the integration of applications in portals with various objectives (e.g. knowledge management, information release, integration of electronic proceedings, among others). 

Mobile applications:

Quanam develops components and applications to make any functions available from any kind of mobile device to integrate customers/suppliers/employees in an easy and timely manner. 

Citizen Assistance System:

The concept of a single place to carry out proceedings (operating centralization/decentralization of information).

Processes’ automation/dossier management:

Quanam knows how to implement electronic dossier solutions and automate processes.  

Systems integrating several agencies:

Quanam has taken part in several projects dealing with the integration of several state agencies as well as the integration of private companies.  We are proficient in articulating and integrating the objectives of agencies that are involved in projects where integration is crucial.   

Integration of systems with Geographic Information Systems:

Quanam has taken part in several projects where Geographic Information Systems had to be included or taken into account for the integration process.  

Organizational Change Management:

Quanam has incorporated Organizational Change Management to our system’s implementation methodology in order to plan and facilitate the adoption of changes that a new system (or technology) involves.