Competitiveness & Innovation

Quanam provides the following services:

  • Research on ITC strategic application, including diagnosis and systems’ strategy - Mitigation of risks resulting from decisions on technology (acquisitions, substitutions, etc.) by offering the opinion of expert consultants in technology, with total independence from hardware and software providers, absolutely focused on the achievement of competitive improvements.
  • Strengthening our customers’ innovation capabilitiesby means of training on tools for innovation and follow-up during their practical application to solve problems, design new products, processes and forms of organization. 
  • Generating ideas through the application of specific technologies such as CRM, BPM, Business Analytics, ERP, mobile applications, electronic payments, etc. 
  • Advising customers on financial sources for innovation and formulation of these funding projects. 
  • Implementing research and development projects , teaming efforts with universities and industry, for generating original knowledge and/or technology transfer. Quanam takes part in a research and innovation ecosystem, where various public and private, academic and industrial actors gather in a Technological Centre for I.T. application in vertical sectors. 
  • Defining and/or designing new processes, products and services, integrating multidisciplinary teams with industry experts, specialists in technology and other subjects, either internal or external to our customers’ organizations.
Proyecto financiado por la Agencia Nacional de Investigación e Innovación (ANII):  “Herramientas para el análisis de datos de secuenciación genómica en el contexto clínico” Ver más información
Proyecto SIPREF (Sistema de Información Presupuestal y Financiera) Tesorería General de la Nación. Cra. Adriana Arosteguiberry: ​"La mejora en la gestión de la información y la optimización de los tiempos de análisis son las características más sobresalientes del Sipref"  Ver más información