Smarter Cities

Intelligent Operation Centers

Cities are a microcosm of the main challenges and opportunities that the planet stands up to today, only more intensely and rapidly. The following are some of the complex systems which interact among each other: transport, energy, water, public security, health, education, telecommunications, and government services.

Cities can now rely on new I.T. models to manage huge masses of data generated by the proliferation of consumer devices, sensors and access mechanisms, which are connected to systems where they are processed.  These technologies, combined with advanced analysis are able to turn loads of data into intelligence and this in action. As a consequence, our systems, processes and infrastructures become more efficient, productive and improve their response capability.

The Center of Intelligent Operations consists of a unique platform for making the most of these capabilities and their own use: water, energy, transport, infrastructure, public security, emergencies.

Intelligent Operation Centers offer an integrated panorama: 

  • Benefit from data visibility in real time to optimize response efficiency
  • Anticipate and manage problems proactively to mitigate the impact on services and citizens
  • Coordinates operations (intra and inter) institutionally with corporate and community participation, to foster economic prosperity and motivate the participation of people

For instance:
The solution of the Intelligent Operation Center for water management includes:

  • Pressure management
  • Prediction of flaw points in the pipeline net
  • Water balance
  • Cooperation of citizens

The solution of the Intelligent Operation Center for transport includes:

  • Simulation of Traffic conditions
  • Customized forecast for citizens: How long would it take to get to the airport? Is there an alternative route with less traffic congestion?
  • Video surveillance and video analytics
  • Traffic prediction
  • Real time responses: Traffic lights synchronization, messages on electronic posters on streets