Bank & Insurance

Detecting, analysing and reporting fraud is one of the greatest challenges that insurance companies have to face these days. 

Every year, insurance companies experience significant losses of income due to organized crime and scam. This situation requires the implementation of efficient and effective mechanisms to rapidly identify, resolve and check such cases which may damage organizations. This is why many companies invest resources in processes’ improvement and high quality technological solutions to prevent and combat fraud.

Quanam is an ideal technical partner given our vast experience in project implementation and integration in Latin America. We have also provided support systems for insurance and financial companies and helped them detect and combat fraud, with a short term ROI.

By implementing analytical decision tools, an insurance company reached a proven 244% ROI, in a four-month period. A fraudulent scheme was detected during the first six weeks after it was launched, the claim processes gained speed improving their previous timing by 50%, and made substantial savings, which amounted to an equivalent of 30 external advisors.

Quanam’s solutions for Fraud Detection and Verification, and for Money Laundry, integrate into a single technological tool all the necessary resources for the current scenario.