OpenERP S.A. Odoo Apps software provider (formerly OpenERP). OpenERP S.A. was founded by Fabien Pinckaers, their current CEO, in 2002. They currently have 250 employees, 6 offices (Belgium, San Francisco, New York, Luxemburg, India, Hong Kong) and projects in 110 países. They have a wide net of partners with more than 500 official partners.

Odoo is the software business that more quickly evolves in the world. Odoo has a complete suite of seamless business applications, which cover all business' needs, from Website/Ecommerce to manufacture, inventory and accountancy. It is the first time in the world that a software editor has been able to achieve a functional coverage of this magnitude.

Quanam is an Oracle Platinum Partner.

Oracle is known as "The Information Company”. Information is their business: Its handling and management, use, share and protection. They are the biggest corporate software provider in the world. Oracle is the only vendor that has solutions for every level of your business. Database, Middleware, Business Intelligence, Business Applications, and Collaboration. Oracle will give you access to the information you need in order to measure results, improve processes and share only one picture across the whole company.

Quanam is an IBM Gold Business Partner.

IBM is a leading company in research, development and manufacture of the most advanced information technology of the sector. This includes IT systems, software, networks, storage systems and microelectronics. A cutting-edge technology that has been provided customers with priceless solutions and professional services worldwide. 

Quanam is a partner of Coupa. Coupa is a cloud-based expenses management software company located in San Mateo, California, founded in 2006 by Dave Stephens and Noah Eisner.

The company offers the only expenses management platform that unifies business processes in all the ways that employees spend money. The consumer financial applications digitalize the expense in travel management and expenses, acquisitions and billing. The cloud platform offers a quick return on investment and control, agility and visibility, essential for companies to compete.

Buxis is a Latinamerican company that provides technological and knowledge solutions for human and capital management, in Latin America and the rest of the world. They have projects in 10 countries in more than 100 multinational companies.

Sciforma has developed the most complete solution for Portfolio and Management Projects. Founded in 1982, they have more than 30-year experience in Project Management, and have incorporated the most widely used technologies in the world, such as: PMI, Agile, Prince2, Critical Chain and Phase-Gate Method. Sciforma has flexible and adaptable solutions for projects of all kinds and sizes.

Blackboard is an internationally renowned company that is actively integrated in educational innovative programs with their own technological and pedagogic tools whose implementation improve the learning-teaching experience both inside and outside the classroom. The company has about 10.000 educational institutions as partners, in 70 countries. ​

By being a Quanam’s Partner, Blackboard can help improve programs for attendee and virtual students, in order to achieve a wider coverage and student retention. We have cutting-edge technological platforms to support in-class educational processes as well as evaluations, collaborative tools and contents administration, among others.

Scientia consolidated as a global market leader providing solutions to management resources, focused on the higher and further education segment.

Scentia provides intelligent software solutions and consulting expertise to help institutions make more efficient use of valuable resources, including staff and place.

Free Balance is a global vendor of software solutions for Public Finance Management (PFM). PFM is a crucial element of the international development process. FreeBalance solutions support State modernization, fiscal decentralization and the reform of public finance across all levels of government.

FreeBalance offers governments optimized, compact and sustainable software, specially designed for governmental use, which can be easily adapted to any context of any country at any level of government.