Tax Management

Quanam has a "Tax Management Intelligent Analysis" solution which improves the efficiency of tax collection agencies, reduces tax evasion(tax, customs, social security), and offers excellent management of risk perception. This system also improves transparency, as well as fiscal and social justice ( no evasion, more workers in the social security system, no smuggling, among others).

It generates an integrated intra/inter-agency information system, linking all of taxpayers' data. The Audit Process (selection of cases, data crossing, audit results) and the Collection Management support features, both performed through the administrative and judicial ways, are core components of this solution which concentrates information in a single system. As a result, taxpayers and selection processes can be traced according to the feedback provided by predictive models.

The main features of intelligent auditing system include:

  • Comparing demographic patterns, behavior and relationships of people/companies to determine what may be considered an abnormal behaviour with respect to regulations (risks)
  • Classifying people/companies according to types of risk and probability of occurrence
  • Classifying and planning actions in response to risks and occurrence probabilities (Investigate, Urgent Investigate, Review with Actions, Review without Actions, and others) to focus auditors' efforts on behaviors with major risk and higher probability of occurrence.
  • Complementing and Ensuring compliance with the regulations in force.