Aguas de la Costa
Aguas de la Costa S.A. is the concessionaire for water distribution and sewage in the province of Maldonado.
The Regional Association of Companies of the Petroleum Gas and Biofuel Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARPEL) promote the industry’s integration, growth, operational excellence. Also, efficient performance in terms of social and environmental issues, in the region.
BW is leader of marine transports of oil tanker, gas and other segments, operating a fleet of more than 150 ships.
Guyana Water Inc.
Fue creada en el 2002 como resultado de la fusión de Guyana Sewerage & Water Commission y Guyana Water Authority. GWI provee más de 300 millones de litros de agua por día a más de 145.000 hogares, oficinas y escuelas a lo largo de Guyana.
InterGen is a company of generation of global energy with 9 energy plants. The Company has projects that operate or they are in active development in the United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia, Philippines, Netherland, and Singapore.