We celebrated our 40th. anniversary

Our trajectory and people met at a very emotional reunion.

November 28th. was an intense night. Founding Partners, directors and consultants celebrated with our clients and friends, at a function where we shared the company’s main landmarks over these 40 years. 

Founding Partners, Accountant and Engineer Alfredo Halm and Engineer Víctor Ganón were interviewed live by renown journalist Emiliano Cotelo. They went though most part of the path followed during these four-decade professional history, in Uruguay and abroad.

In this friendly and enjoyable meeting, there was not a dry eye, but also happy moments of fun, with a crowning toast to the future and the challenges ahead.

Guillermo Spinelli, Alfredo Halm and Víctor Ganón


                Intendente de Montevideo, Daniel Martínez and Alfredo Halm

Victoria Hernández, Victor Ganón and Marta Jara.

Víctor Ganón, Alfredo Halm  and Emiliano Cotelo in the interview.

Edgardo Noya, Victor Ganón, Alfredo Halm, Guillermo Spinelli, Graciela Pérez y Graciela Ricci.

Recepción invitados, Kibón.