Victor Ganón is awarded

“Engineer Julio Granato Digital Inclusion” award

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On 5 June, during the opening ceremony of the Professional Updating Informatics Conference (JIAP 2018), Eng. Víctor Ganón, a founding partner of Quanam, was recognized by the Association of Computer Scientists of Uruguay, for his contributions in information and communication technologies.

This recognition is aimed at rewarding academic, business and political efforts that have contributed to narrowing the digital gaps by spreading ICT, and providing people with increasing opportunities to have I.T. within their reach.

This prize is named after engineer Julio Granato, a teacher and pioneer in the introduction of computer technology in Uruguay. The statuette was made by Uruguayan sculptor Octavio Podestá, and represents the lighthouse of Alexandria, as a symbol of the enlightenment acquired through the path of development and knowledge.

The Award’s ceremony has been annually held for 12 years. This recognition has been given to personalities like Mariano Arana, Carolina Cosse, Miguel Brechner, Tabaré Vázquez and Nicolás Jodal, among others.

Victor Ganón shared his vast expertise in a talk about how to select successful technologies, answering questions such as the factors that determine success, the qualities that an entrepreneur must have to reach the goal in their business, and how to manage a company in to be successful Uruguay.

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