Quanam makes knowledge and technology available

to specialized research organizations of Brazil

On October 17th Quanam Brazil gave a conference at the Public Security Intelligence School of Rio de Janeiro (ESISPERJ), on “Research Solutions for Relation Analysis." Jacqueline Barcellos, Business Development Commercial Manager, and Raul Fontenelle, Senior Systems Analyst made the presentation, honoring an invitation made by Miguel Angelo Duarte Ticom, Police Superintendent of PCERJ, Coordinator of the second stage of the intelligence relations analysis of public security.

The aim of this second stage is to standardize the performance of the Public Security Agency in the Public Security intelligence system of Rio de Janeiro. Among the audience, there were representatives of the central organizations and agencies of Brazil. Quanam takes pride in collaborating with this kind of projects and becoming a specialist in subjects related to technology and intelligence solutions for Brazilean government.