Continuous improvement at Quanam

Q-Learning sessions

Quanam believes that integrating users and specialists’ expertise will keep solutions and processes improving. This is why we created a free YouTube channel by mid 2015, in order to share technical information such as  conferences, events, and training on specific solutions. 

Users log on youtube, and by subscribing to the channel, they have access to all the available material, including all Q-Learning webinars focused on anti-fraud investigation solutions, and IBM i2 updates for clients and users.

Q-Learning sessions are organized in a playlist, show the functionalities and the advantages of the solutions developed by specialists in investigation and fraud such as IBM cognitive solutions; additionally, there are answers to queries and questions on how to make the best of the available tools. Quanam reassures innovation as one of our primary objectives by creating a collaborative space with users, a bidirectional communication way to have access to more knowledge on new solutions.