BPS was recognized for SISCA project (implemented by QUANAM)

in the Regional Social Security Forum

On April 11th, 2016 the Regional Forum on Social Security for the Americas was held in Mexico City,  organized by the International Social Security Association,  where the results of the regional competition held every each three years were announced.

The international jury selected from 53 submissions registered in the contest. The presentations consisted of 17 organizations from 9 countries. The jury awarded eight awards with a particular mention of merit in the use of good practice and innovation, among which  SISCA project of the Social Security Bank of Uruguay was selected. SISCA is an integrated solution based on the use of modeling techniques and predictive analysis used to select taxpayers to be audited. 

This solution enables identification, analysis, determination and selection of cases (based on taxpayer behavior through the analysis of fiscal risk models) and monitoring results, while integrating with the existing information management, operating, and control systems.

The benefits obtained from this good practice are:

Increasing quality the efficiency of taxpayers selection through the use of predictive models and incorporating feedback from the results of previous choices.

Being more efficient, automating processes, shortening screening times

Improving the quality of the information available to the Auditor’s  field task using the incorporation of the Taxpayer’s file.

Having indicators and associated management reports.

The BPS award was received by Accountant Liliana Mella, Deputy Manager, Technical Directorate, ATYR.