For business development in Central America

The object of the agreement is to join efforts to create a collaboration strategy for business development in Central America and the Caribbean, in order to have a full range portfolio with the solutions required to satisfy the market’s needs.

“We make available to GBM’s clients our expertise for more than 20 years in Advanced Analytics in Latin-America, based on an excellent team of more than 80 professionals who have specialized in these issues, and on packed business solutions (analytical accelerators), which include the best practices of each industry). Therefore, we are in unrivalled position to offer our clients an end to end solution" affirmed Guillermo Spinelly, Director of Quanam's Business Analytics. 

The alliance with GBM incorporates to our service portfolio new solutions for government services, with a wider functional scope, government, risk and compliance solutions, financial planning systems, best practices of business intelligence for the financial industry or to make predictive analysis for telcos Additionally, it allows present and future GBM clients, to have access to new integral solutions in the areas of Advanced Analytics, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, one of Quanam's expertise areas.

“We have harnessed GBM’s “know who” with Quanam’s “know how” to carry out cutting edge business solutions. As a result, our clients will be taken to the following level of data analysis to face the challenges inherent to the operation” said Franklin Castro, Manager of Business Solutions of GBM.


GBM is a solutions integrating company, an expert in information technologies. They provide all the necessary components for corporate technological infrastructure including hardware, software, consultancy and specialized services. They are IBM exclusive distributors in the region and in addition, they represent, officially and with full support leading brands of the industry such as Cisco Systems, SAP, Lenovo, and Apple.


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