Quanam launches new web site

Quanam’s new web site was launched in May. Our aim is to renovate and align the corporate image with the definition of the company’s name, “Quanam” in Latin, means: which way. 

In terms of aesthetics, we wanted the site to look like the applications we build for our customers: minimalist design, simple and essential. The search engine is configured in 4 dimensions: country, customer, horizontal and vertical service. These categories can be combined to facilitate a more specific search.

Our customer and users will find a friendlier site to surf either from traditional computers or mobile devices. It is a responsive site, which means that it is easily adaptable to a device’s characteristics.

According to Quanam’s geographical coverage, all our contents are displayed in three languages: Spanish, Portuguese and English. 
Our contents can be continuously updated by our marketing professionals because of used the technology. 

Please keep us company along the way: Visit our web site!