ICT4V (“Information and Communication Technologies for Verticals”) was launched. Quanam is co-founding partner together with other prestigious companies, universities and public agencies. ICT4V is a multidisciplinary research and innovation centre in the I.T.C. area and their applications in vertical sectors such as energy, agro-business, banking and health, among others. 

Its activities foster the development of innovation capabilities, creation of value, competitiveness increase and sustainability. It combines the research and innovation capabilities of Latin America, Europe and North America. It develops projects and provides its partners, companies and external agencies with services. It offers open platforms, living labs, prototyping capabilities, post-graduate training and high level continuous professional education. It incorporates in a single place highly qualified staff with different profiles and from several subjects, researchers, experts, leading entrepreneurs of the centre and others that are invited from all over the world. 

The ANII (National Research and Innovation Agency of Uruguay) finances the project with a million dollars for a 3-year period. 

During the first phase, Quanam will take part in 3 projects:
•    Energy Smart Home/Smart Grid model for Uruguay (project presented by Quanam)
•    Software: Tool for Gathering Requirements and Prototyping Solutions (project presented by de Larrobla & Asociados)
•    Agro-business: Business Analytics for cattle data traceability (project presented by INIA)

Quanam, through its Competitiveness and Innovation services offers its customers the possibilities of generating original knowledge and technological transfer that the ICT4V offers. For further information, please contact:  innovación@quanam.com