A Benchmark System at Home and Abroad

The Case Selection System (SISCA, Spanish acronym) is an automated and integrated solution  of the Taxpayers Selection Process, of several Control and Audit areas of  ATYR  at BPS (National Social Welfare Bank). 

This solution allows identification, analysis, determination and selection of cases (based on a taxpayer’s behaviour through the analysis of  fiscal risk models) and monitoring results while integrating with existing systems of information management, operating, and monitoring.

Accountant Damián Gómez, Chief of Techniques and Procedures Control Office, one of the 20 members of SISCA’s team, integrated by BPS officers and Quanam consultants, declared that “we made an extraordinary team, and we all celebrated every landmark of our project."

The project began in May 2012 and was operative sooner than a year after. “It incorporates and combines business and fiscal tools, with predictive models to find erratic behaviour among taxpayers,” stated Accountant Gómez. 

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Additionally, he remarked that before SISCA, taxpayers' auditing process was made by means of handmade operations, without any automation or feedback, “data analysis took several days and risk indicators were not always accurate.”

”SISCA triggers a company audit mechanism when a risk of fraud, understatement, omission (…) is detected”, he declared. The goal is to be more efficient and effective in terms of irregularity and fraud detection, “so that there is no waste of human resources and time”, added Mr. Gómez.

The innovative solution which combines tools of Business Intelligence with Predictive Analysis is a benchmark for national organizations. It was presented at international events and awarded a distinction by the International Association of Social Welfare.

*Information taken from an internal magazine of the BPS “Bepesiana”, No. 1, July 2016. 

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Benefits of SISC:

  • Processes which took days to be completed, are now finished in minutes.
  • The average time for generating a selection was slashed from 5 days to 20 minutes. 
  • Irregularity detection effectiveness rocketed from 60% to 90% in the area of major taxpayers.
  • Taxpayers are classified in a ranking according to their risk of committing fraud.
  • Tax collection increased.

Prizes and Titles:

  • SISCA has become a point of reference for national agencies such as the Land Revenue Office and the Ministry of Transport. Quanam is working on the adaptation of this tool to their needs.
  • In 2014, the system was presented  at IBM Insight, in Las Vegas, U.S.A. This is where new trends related to Business Intelligence are shown.
  • In April it was awarded the recognition of the International Association of Social Welfare, with particular reference to the merit of using good practices and innovation, at the Regional Forum, held in Mexico City. 
  • In October, it will be presented at the Interamerican Centre of Tax Administrations, in Miami, U.S.A.
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