Quanam’s experience

in Odoo solutions

Quanam provides a fully comprehensive solution of management systems implemented on Odoo. In other words, a complete suite of applications, seamlessly integrated which cater for all the needs of business.

Quanam has been Odoo partner since 2012. Odoo is a Belgian company which provides open code solutions Technology based on open code has significantly evolved over the last years. Therefore, businesses that base their technological architecture on OpenSource components dramatically reduce software licencing costs.

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Quanam has implemented some of the main Odoo functionalities such as ERP, CRM, Inventory, Controller, Document Management, Student Management and HHRR. 

GRP (Government Resource Planning) includes specific features required by the Uruguayan Government. Moreover, Quanam has integrated the solution to state systems (RUPE, SICE, SIIF) and implanted it successfully at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Technological University (UTEC) There are implementation projects of Odoo based solutions on course, at the Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Work and Social Welfare, Blanes Museum of Montevideo Townhall and Education Training Council (ANEP-CODICEN).

Additionally, Quanam offers an integrated Scorecard for the Retail sector (clothing and footwear) which provides support to several processes such as accounting, sales, purchases, imports, inventories, POS, electronic invoicing, marketing, accounts payable/receivable, website, e-commerce, CRM, reports and graphs for decision making. There are also Quanam projects elsewhere such as Obvio, Montecable, and other private companies.

On Quanam

Quanam is a conglomerate of firms which aim at innovation and knowledge. We have been innovating since 1978 with our partners, collaborators, and counterparts. Our goal has been helping our cusomers achieve success and improve their business processes and models. To this end, we have resorted to cutting edge solutions and tools, so that they are well equipped to face the challenges posed by an increasingly globalized economy.

We have a long and vast experience in implementing Management Systems, ERP, CRM, HCM, through more than 300 projects in more than 24 countries.