Quanam’s contribution to innovation improves clients’ competitiveness and efficiency

SuLaunch of Digital Brochure

When Quanam arrives at our clients’ there is already an atmosphere of change, and through our activities, we seek innovation, competitiveness and efficiency improvement. In some cases, simple changes may result in major innovations, for instance: management solutions, business models, processes, technologies or new approaches which are put into practice for the first time in the markets of reference. 

In other cases, innovation is the result of an initiative made by Quanam on the suggested solution or raised from working with a client on the implementation of a particular service. 

Quanam has been pursuing innovation for years. In our history there are some outstanding cases, where Quanam was a pioneer such as the implementation of a Scorecard,  for the President’s Office in 1987, being the first company to implement PeopleSoft Management Integraed System in the Soutern Cone in 1997, the early implementation of solutions for electronic payment in 2006, the construction of solutions based on predictive models such as the detection of fraud and active contribution in open software communities.

Quanam’s encouragement to promote internal innovation is remarkable as well. To this end different innovation methodologies are put into practice: Contest of ideas, hackaton, case study groups, Design Thinking workshop (based on the School of Design of the University of Stanford). These tools are also used to help clients innovate.

In 2014, a particular Competitiveness and Innovation Unit was created to offer the following services:

  • Research on ICT strategic application, including diagnosis of a situation and systems’ strategy  
  • Strengthening clients’ internal innovation capabilities.
  • Generating ideas through the use of specific technologies such as CRM, BPM, Business Analytics, ERP, mobile applications, electronic payments, etc. 
  • Advising clients  on financial sources for innovation.
  • Implementation of research and development projects.
  • Determination and/or design of new processes, products, services and business models.
  • Implementation of innovating solutions.
  • Business incubator.

The services offered by this unit are explained on our digital brochure. A showcase of projects which summarize Quanam’s trajectory, our focus on innovation and improvement on competitiveness and efficiency, where Quanam has played a decisive role. For more information visit: link